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  1. Hadim70 1d 23h ago

    Well technically speaking he didn't betray her,he redeemed himself before she knew he was sending info about her so no harm done right ? Uncle benjen is going to fight alongside humans against white walkers and maybe he will die because he has no purpose anymore.do you think daenerys will marry jon snow for forging an alliance between them ? actually he would be marrying his aunt :P only bran knows that jon is son of raegar and lyanna .

  2. moritz 2d 0h ago

    Quote by Steffi1690 This is really beautiful! And with the ocean a breathtaking view too!

    Did you buy both artbooks? Then Im looking forward to more :)

    Thanks for your comment, Steffi. I bought the limited edition with extra artbook. I had experienced japanese beaches and I'll try again next month ^_^

  3. Hadim70 4d 16h ago

    haha you're the first one to say I don't like jon snow.he is a favorite character but not the only one ! I like khaleesi but she is too much powerful because of her dragons I prefer someone who has strength of his own.Did you see jorah ?what is your prediction about him ? will he be always friendzoned or something will go down ? I think he will be cured but he will never have daenerys .poor jorah.

  4. minayuri Elite Member 5d 1h ago

    Quote by Steffi1690
    Waver Velvet? Where?
    Did you play the game?
    Can I asume that your fav chara is Joan D'Arc or someone else?

    Lord El Melloi II is the identity Waver Velvet takes as an adult, he's taller and he looks and acts quite different than he did in his youth. If you remember the last episode (if you've watched it) of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works while Shirou is at Clock Tower, Waver/Lord El Melloi II appears as well and has a short conversation with Shirou when they encounter one another.

    No, I didn't play the game and yes Joan is one of my favorite characters in the Fate metaverse.

  5. Hadim70 5d 15h ago

    Quote by Steffi1690 What surgery?
    Oh I'm fine. Doing scanning and sports lol ^^ (always the same pattern)
    Nah I'm not really dying for Game of Thrones.
    Sure I watch it but I can wait.

    What happened to your layout?

    Back surgery. it's nothing to be afraid of but the after-surgery care is a pain in the ***
    Well either way the waiting finished and the first episode was released. did u watch it ? who is your favorite character beside jon snow :D
    I really don't know I didn't come for a few months and they had to mess up my profile style.I had to remove it cuz it was so embarassing :P
    Well I have a quick question ,do u prefer talking on guestbooks or private messaging ? I personally prefer the latter cuz I don't want anyone to read my conversation with a friend :P

  6. elisadevelon Elite Member 1wk 1d ago

    Thank you for the fav, Steffi! :)

    Empty Promise by elisadevelon

  7. Hadim70 1wk 3d ago

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Quote by Hadim70 Heeey.Long time no see.Do you remember me ?

    Sure ^^
    What have you been up too? Why the very long absence?

    Well I'm glad you remembered.
    I had a surgery and before that I was so busy with my work that I couldn't keep up.But now I think I'm gonna visit more often .
    How are you ? What have you been doing ? Are you dying of the wait on Game of thrones Or you don't watch the show ?

  8. Painter 1wk 4d ago

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Quote by Painter Thank you for the fav :)

    Huh? A fav for what? If you mean the Panna Cotta - you already thanked me for that ^^

    For a scan :)

  9. Hadim70 1wk 4d ago

    Heeey.Long time no see.Do you remember me ?

  10. Monu-chan Moderator 1wk 4d ago

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Quote by Monu-chan Oh my Bishies! *w*
    I'll make sure to check whole gallery of this one on Sunday! :3

    And did you already go through the gallery? (Bungo to Alchemist)

    Yes I did, but it's only character sheets in scan gallery.

  11. Painter 2wk 1d ago

    Thank you for the fav :)

  12. minayuri Elite Member 2wk 2d ago

    Quote by Steffi1690 Hey!
    How are you?
    How did you like the 1st epidode of Fate/Apocrytha?

    Hi there Steffi!

    I'm doing fine and how about yourself? Fate/Apocrypha's 1st episode was fun to watch, I loved the scenes of Lord El Melloi II/Waver Velvet that was funny, the preview of the eventual epic battle between Servants, and the summoning of the Servants especially Saber of Red. Miyuki Sawashiro is amazing as Saber of Red.

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